Top 5 Museums and Aquariums In Connecticut

1. Mystic Aquarium

   Mystic Aquarium is located in the beautiful, historic Mystic
seaport. One of two aquariums in Connecticut this is definitely the better
choice of the two. With a much larger venue you can take in all the
amazing sights Mystic Aquarium has to offer. From exotic fish to ferocious
sharks Mystic has it all. Other fun things Mystic Aquarium has to offer are
a year-round sting ray touch tank, 4-D movie theater and even a Titanic
exhibit. So whether you take the kids for a day of family fun, or you and
you friends want to get together, Mystic Aquarium is a great choice!


  • April – October (9am – 5pm)
  • November (9am – 4pm)
  • December – February (10am – 4pm)
  • March (9am – 4pm)


2. Essex Steam Train & Riverboat


The Essex Steam Train and Riverboat is not only a retired train museum but is also a working steam engine track! The Essex Steam Train is still in operation to this day doing 1920’s themed dinner trains that take you all along the Connecticut River for a beautifully scenic dinner. Not your style?  That’s alright!  You can even learn to drive the monster of a train!  Just check out their educational program.  And let’s not forget the  Circus train… For just a couple weekends in July head to the Essex Steam Train to take an authentic Circus train to the circus!! From birthday parties to weddings the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat have plenty to offer people of any age.


  • Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm)
  • Saturday – Sunday (10am – 5pm)


3. Yale-Peabody Museum of Natural History


Yale-Peabody is a wonderful place to bring the kids for a day of learning made fun! Right as you walk in the door you are  introduced to the Museums’ model of a Giant Squid, on the first of its’ three  floors you will find items from Native American history, and fossils of the origin of human beings, among other things. On the second floor you can learn about meteorites, look at fossils found right in Continence and learn to appreciate the mighty power of tornadoes! Then it’s off to the third floor where you can gaze upon dioramas of Connecticut nature or take a stroll through Egypt. With all the things Yale-Peabody Museum of Natural History has to offer you’re sure to have a day filled with learning and laughter!

4. Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center

Get away from all the noise of the Casino and slip into the Mashantucket Pequot Museum. Come and learn about the rich Native American history present in Connecticut. As you enter the building you can see a carved Native American canoe, go along the downward spiral ramp and you’ll end up in a whole other world. Along with its theaters running educational films you can find multiple exhibits that teach you what life was like in the time of the Natives. Deep within the museum you will find an actual life-size recreation of a Native American village.  See how daily life was lived, what chores each member of society was expected to fulfill, walk right through the huts and gardens. Besides the museum you will find a restaurant, serving authentic Native American meals, a viewing tower that overlooks the much of Connecticut and a gift shop that carries authentic Native American products still made today.  This is a beautiful museum inside and out, you’ll miss out if you don’t see it at least once!

5. Connecticut Children’s Science Center

CT Science Center

Forces in Motion: CT Science Center

Now this is a place for kids! Great for a rainy day, or even a sunny one!! The view from the top of this glass building is breathtaking.  It overlooks downtown Hartford and the river, but beware! If you’re afraid of heights don’t look down! With tons and tons of hands on exhibits this is a place for your kids to learn all about science! As you walk in and get your tickets you see they have a theater where you can see a 3-D Film, or be mesmerized by the elevators, you can see all the inner workings, cables, wheels and all! This isn’t just fun for the kids, parents can interact too! And for the older crowd, don’t forget the Liquid Lounge! Grab a drink, watch some science!

With over 250 museums and aquariums in Connecticut, you are sure to find a way to have fun while learning a thing or two!

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