The Most Expensive Home In The U.S.

Copper Beach

Copper Beach

Connecticut is proud to have the most expensive home currently on  market in the United States.  At over 13,000-square-feet, Copper Beech Farm is 50 waterfront acres with stunning views of the Long Island Sound. The twelve-bedroom French Renaissance home has a 75-foot outdoor pool, a grass tennis court, wine cellar and a private apple orchard. The waterfront property is currently used as a weekend retreat by its owners. We can’t even imagine what their usual house looks like.

The home was built in 1896 and has been owned by the Greenway family (which developed U.S. Steel with Andrew Carnegie) and more recently by timber tycoon John Rudey. David Ogilvy, the listing agent, told Forbes that, “the $190 million list price is based on numerous comparables for the area, having crunched the average sales prices per acre for close to a dozen nearby properties — none of which offer even close to the same amount of acreage.”

But perhaps the most appealing aspect of this listing is the fact that it includes two private offshore islands.

An 1,800-foot private driveway with cobblestone gutters leads up to the Copper Beech Farm, which also boasts a greenhouse, a stone carriage house and cottage on more than 50 acres of land.

Inside, the home has all the marks of old world luxury: a library with a fireplace, balconies, a staff wing, staff kitchen, dumb waiter, skylights and marble bathrooms.

It’s unclear whether the home will actually sell for its asking price. The Journal points out that in 2009 Candy Spelling made headlines when she listed her Los Angeles mansion at $150 million—the home sold for $85 million.

The property is by far the most expensive currently listed on the site of David Ogilvy & Associates, an affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. The next most expensive estate available is another Greenwich home selling for just $32 million.

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